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Runny nose, phlegmy throat, achy head, starving stomach. What else do I have to suffer before I can go out and play again? Not that I’m complaining. :D

To tell you the truth, I have found a new perspective in looking at my house. Long have I ignored that ever mouldering spot on the ceiling. Hello Mr. Spot! How have you come to reside on my bedroom ceiling? What have you accomplished in bemiring that clean white ceiling? Could you stop please? If you don’t, I might have to do it for you. How do you do, Blu Tac Squadron? I was about to remiss your presence on my wall. Remind me how I said I’d take you down just over a year ago? Well, I guess you guys just love to STICK around, don’t you? Ah, Madame Cob Web. It’s been awhile. I remember you housing that filthy long-legged Arachnid. I’m not one who would break an ecosystem already in place, but my room wasn’t for them to live in. It’s for me. Oh, great. The Sunlight wants to join the party too. Trying to get in on that small hole on the curtain. That celestial glow is just cramping my style. The curtain is there to stimulate night-time so that I could rest. That hot tea on the table is suppose to help me with my throat. This warm piece of cloth on my forehead is suppose to regulate my body temperature. Yet all of you seem to keep me company, even though I don’t need you.

Well, I got to block you out now. My pillow here is ever so cozy, and my blanket there is ever so snug. Good night again, my erstwhile friends. See you when I see you.

A Question for you: Have you ever woken up and just lie there looking at interesting small details in your room, thinking about them and thinking about how they came to be?


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